Job Collins, MBA.
President & CEO.

15 years in leadership across nonprofits, businesses and consulting sectors. Formerly, worked with SavvyPol Group,  Association of Political Consultants Africa, International Planned Parenthood Federation, and Summit Foundation, among others.

Dr. Wilson Okot, MPH, MBChB.
Executive Director.

17 years in medical practice. Worked on ebola outbreak in the DR Congo-Uganda border, served at Uganda Virus Research Institute, Reproductive Health Uganda, and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, among others.

Dr. Angel Michael, MBChB.
National Medical Coordinator.

12 years of medical practice. Worked at Mulago National Referral Hospital, and Ministry of Health in Uganda.

Sam Kalamiah,
Strategic Development Manager.

17 years in program planning and management. Formerly worked at Uganda Youth Network and Crystal Foundation.

Fanella Allie Ndagie,
Performance Management Officer.

7 years in human resources management. Worked at K-WAF, KIPS, TASO and Mildmay, among others.

Grace Awinyo,
Administrative Assistant

11 years in office operations, administrative support, and financial accounting and management. Worked at Summit Foundation,  and Reproductive Health Uganda.