Population International is an international development organization registered in England and Wales as a charity company limited by guarantee, under the Companies Act, 2006 (company number 12142694), and regulated by the Charities Commission for England and Wales. The Organization works with local partners and networks to deliver integrated public health information and services, with blended campaigns and awareness on social, economic and environmental sustainability issues in the developing countries – providing smart choices for people and the planet.

In the August 2019, Population International was founded to provide high quality, affordable and decentralised public health information and services, and campaign vociferously and visibly for universal public health and the protection and sustainability of our environmental ecosystems, integrating social, economic and governance considerations in fostering a society that works for all, tackling the climate change crisis, and supporting resilience and recovery of refugees, migrants and those in disaster and emergency situations.

Our Vision

A world that works for everyone; in which all women and men have access to priority public health information and services they seek; in which health rights and environmental protection are recognized as natural and precious aspects of human life and are fully promoted; and where population growth supports society’s social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the vulnerable and most-at-risk population of women, men and children, including those in humanitarian disaster and emergency situations, by providing integrated public health products and services, with blended actions and campaigns to enhance social, economic and environmental sustainability in the developing countries.