Our Priorities

Population International is a global charity working to ensure we live in a sustainable world, where women and girls are free to make choices regarding their sexual and reproductive health and rights, young people are able to access priority information and services which are youth-friendly and non-discriminatory, where communities enjoy access to clean and safe drinking water and sanitation, and where our environment is protected and conserved for posterity. 

Adolescents and Young People

The world’s population is young, 42 percent of people are under the age of 25. In South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, the number of people aged 12-24 has steadily risen to 525 million in 2015 – almost half the global youth population.

Women and Girls

Globally, two-thirds of all the 1.4 billion people living in poverty are women. About 50% of all sexual harassment and assaults are against girls aged 15 years of age or younger. HIV/AIDS remains a leading cause of death among women.

Most-At-Risk Populations (MARPs)

Poor and marginalized communities, such as young people, rural women, sex workers, transit drivers, drug users and prisoners, have the greatest need for sexual and reproductive health and rights information and services.

Emergency Situations

One-quarter of people affected by crises are women and girls aged 15-49. One in five women are likely to be pregnant and one-fifth of all deliveries will experience complications, with heightened risk of early marriage, rape, sexual violence and increased transmission rates of STIs/HIV.

Sexual and Reproductive Health global figures

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