Population International works with governments, local partners and community organizations and structures in the developing countries to provide integrated public health information and services, with blended campaigns and awareness on the social, economic and environmental consequences of rapid population growth. Working directly with local community structures, the Charity increases access to priority sexual and reproductive health and rights information and services, including family planning contraceptives, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and opportunistic infections, and essential primary health care such as immunization. The Charity also provides safe drinking water and sanitation services and information to the rural and urban poor communities, and runs a mix of global and local public policy advocacy and awareness campaigns on environmental conservation and climate change mitigation, sexual and gender based violence prevention, and strengthening of human rights culture, diversity and social inclusion to combat social injustices and poverty in developing countries.

Programme Strategies and Priorities

Integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

Our SRHR goal is to ensure increased access to integrated, quality HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health and rights information and services for young women and men, by using gender sensitive, human rights based and quality of care centered approaches.

Integrated Environmental Sustainability, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Our Environmental Sustainability and WASH goal is to ensure increased access to safe drinking water, hygiene and environmental sanitation and conservation services for the women and children in rural areas and emergency situations.

Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH)

Our MNCH goal is to reduce maternal, neonatal and child mortality, particularly among the poor and socially excluded populations. A change in behaviour towards healthy practices in terms of reproductive health, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation is the strategy to preventive and promotive care..

Advocacy and Campaigns

Our ADVOCACY and CAMPAIGNS goal is to support public policies and actions for increased local access to integrated public health information and services, particularly, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and water and sanitation, and strengthen the Charity’s strategic leadership in the developing countries and global forums on issues of public health, population and environment.

Key Situational Statistics

SRHR fact sheet
SRHR fact sheet 2

Why we must take Action Now

For every second worldwide, five people are born and two people die, leaving three more humans on Earth. That’s approximately 180 more people per minute or 9,000 more people per hour. This rapid rate of population growth has serious implications, such as 237,000 more people needing to be fed each night, space to live, and safe water to drink. But this trajectory of growth is unnecessary and has simple solutions. Half of the world’s pregnancies are unintended and 25 percent are unwanted. If we protect the rights of girls and women to determine if and when they want children, which should be a basic human right, we can improve individual lives and protect the planet.’