Population International appoints new President

Job Collins

Population International is pleased to welcome new president, Job Collins, who will be leading the Executive Office and overseeing a diverse team of global staff – to expand and deliver on the vision of the charity over the next decade. Mr. Collins brings in over a decade of experiences working with leading public health organizations – such as International Planned Parenthood Federation, Youth Action Movement and Reproductive Health Uganda – and other development agencies, including Summit Foundation, Uganda Youth Network and Council of Africa.

The new president will oversee strategic growth and development of the charity’s programmes across Sub-Saharan Africa and South America, and lead efforts to strengthen bilateral and multilateral advocacy and partnerships at global levels.

“I am very excited to join Population International, and I look forward to working and collaborating with all the amazing team delivering mission critical public health information and services in the front-lines, and the fantastic managers and executives making things happen at the centre. I salute each and everyone of you” – Job Collins.

The Board of Directors wishes the President a very successful tenure and assures the president of the Board’s full support and partnerships.